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Oct 1, 2017

Amber Rose SlutWalk 2017

Pershing Square, 532 South Olive Street, Downtown, Central Los Angeles

Amber Rose SlutWalk 2017

by USC’s Center for Feminist Research and The Amber Rose Power Foundation

Take the power away from derogatory labels.

“Slut,” a word that exploded into disturbing context after a Toronto police officer told a crowd of college women that if they wanted to avoid sexual assault, they shouldn’t dress like sluts.

Infuriated women across the country, outraged by this comment united to take a stand. The SlutWalk has now become a global movement with grassroot success in over 200 countries.

The Amber Rose SlutWalk is a nonprofit event that is playing a monumental role in the movement towards gender equality, ending rape culture, victim blaming, slut and body shaming and other social injustice issues. Propelled by this mission, the Amber Rose Empowerment Weekend was born.

Join us and a host of celebrity friends, a star-studded music lineup, DJs, key thought leaders and our community partners on a day dedicated to educating, entertaining and empowering.

Thousands of people across gender, sex, race, age, class, education, and profession will gather for an unforgettable experience. Pershing Square will be transformed into a world platform for a mission that needs a large stage.

There is no recipe on what someone involved in the Amber Rose SlutWalk must look like. You DO NOT need to come from an activist background or know anything about these issues, but come ready to learn.

The only requirement is to be inspired by your own passion to do something about the issues that plague our generation. Our mission is serious, but this day of dressing up, strutting your stuff, and standing up for gender equality is filled with fun, laughter, and a community to support a tremendous cause. It is about self-expression, unity, shedding stereotypes, and supporting one another.

We join the movement on this cause against sexual injustice, victim blaming, derogatory labeling, and gender inequality. This event is for mature audiences only.





Sun, October 1, 2017 | 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM


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