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Jul 30, 2021

DesestresArte con pinceladas de colores - Wine & Art

Good morning, soon we will be visiting your beautiful city La Verne ... with a Wine and Art event ... which we have called "DesestresArte" with touches of Colors, it will take place on July 30 at 7:00 pm in " La Creperie Café " located in 2091 Foothill Blvd. La Verne Ca. 91750. The price includes all the materials to make an original work of art with a directed workshop ... it includes a delicious Buffet dinner and finally a Poetry and Music show. Presented by 50 & Tres who have proposed to carry out "Life, Art and Movement" in different areas of Los Angeles and neighboring cities.

50 & Tres is comprised of 3 female painters, who have served the Hispanic community for more than 20 years.

They have come together to bring you a time of joy in times of turmoil. We invite you to DesestresArte building hand in hand an itinerant artistic movement through multiple brushstrokes of colors.

We are 3 Women Artists: Felicitas, Marisol and Maricruz, with the same objective: to integrate the public with our experiences in the world of the arts, we will do this through group sessions of 50 people, there will always be 50 hearts gathered by three strong spirits and visionaries. 100 hands releasing those talents that many times we don't know how to externalize.

Creating Art is a way of processing emotions and helps to reduce stress ... as the human being grows and allows himself to be enveloped by the obligations of daily life, almost always or many times he loses contact with his creative side. DesestresArte offers you the ideal means to recover and improve your emotional and social well-being.

In children it is essential that from an early age, parents promote art within their training as it helps to balance their learning processes by externalizing their inner self. DesestresArte also offers you exclusive sessions for children that will encourage their innate talent, which will be reflected in 50 canvases full of spontaneous strokes and colors that emerge from the child's soul.

Join us in this new artistic adventure and let's enjoy together the new opportunities that the Universe offers us.

Do NOT contact me with commercial interests