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Nov 25, 2022 - Nov 27, 2022

Loscon 48 - The LA Science Fantasy Convention

Buy your membership here: https://loscon.org/48/memberships/

View our Program here: https://loscon.lineupr.com/48/schedule

LOSCON is Los Angeles' longest running Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention, held Thanksgiving weekend by the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society (LASFS).

# Writer Guest of Honor - Tanya Huff

Tanya Huff may have left Nova Scotia at three, and has lived most of her life since in Ontario, but she still considers herself a Maritimer. On the way to the idyllic rural existence she shares with her partner, Fiona Patton, six cats, and a Chihuahua, she acquired a degree in radio and television arts from Ryerson Polytechnic University - an education she was happy to finally use while writing her recent Smoke novels. Of her previous twenty-three books, the five featuring Henry Fitzroy, bastard son of Henry VIII, romance writer, and vampire - Blood Price, Blood Trail, Blood Lines, Blood Pact, Blood Debt - are among the most popular.

# Artist Guest of Honor - Dave Kellett

# Music Guest of Honor - Alexander James Adams

# Fan Guests of Honor - Susan Fox & Gene Turnbow

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