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Apr 9, 2023

Synthesizer Soundbath at the Vintage Synthesizer Museum

Synthesizer Soundbath at the Vintage Synthesizer Museum in Highland Park

Bring a pillow, or two, and come relax on the floor, at VSM while over 20 synthesizers drone and arpeggiate in beautiful harmony for two hours. Feel free to arrive and leave at any point during those two hours.


Note: the soundbath is aimed at adults 18+ who want to come relax, reflect, meditate, listen, etc…so come prepared to be chill and be quiet. While this event is a good opportunity to see and experience VSM, it is not an opportunity to play and touch the synthesizers. If you would like to play and record the synths, please book an appointment with us during our regular hours.


Some of the synths being used on Sunday:

  • Elka Synthex
  • Roland Jupiter 6 + 8 and MKS-80
  • Oberheim OB-8 and Xpander
  • PPG Wave 2.2
  • Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, VS, and T8
  • DK Synergy
  • Yamaha CS-70m
  • Gleeman Pentaphonic
  • Cwejman S1 MkII
  • Korg MS-20, MS-50 and SQ-10
  • Knas Ekdahl Polygamist
  • 252hp eurorack modular synth system
  • Moog Minimoog
  • Serge Modular system

and more....

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