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ORIGINAL Barbra Streisand Collectible Barbie - Sealed in Box!

Price:  $115

Condition:  New

Make / Manufacturer:  Mattel

Model Name / Number:  Barbie

Approximate Value:  200 - 1000$ minimum

This specific listing is for one rare collectible Barbra Streisand Barbie - Brand New - Still in Original Box, directly from Mattel. This is the ORIGINAL Pink Label Streisand Doll. First ever in the series. Selling for $115 - $742 online, depending on condition, so of course my price is very firm. Buying from me you get a perfect doll and a perfect sealed box, that you can come inspect in person before you buy. Much safer than buying online.

I used to be a Mattel Dealer and an avid collector and trader of rare, collectible Barbies. I only bought and collected the ones that were made in LIMITED EDITION and that were sure to go up in value over the years. To give you an idea of the ability rare Barbies have to go up in value over the years.....My best investment was a Cher Barbie that I bought when it first came out for $49.99 and once the entire run was sold out that same Barbie was being sold and traded at $1100. Imagine how much it will be worth someday when Cher is no longer with us. Luckily I saw the true value in collecting certain Barbies and started my collection over 20 years ago. I have HUNDREDS!!

Sadly, I am getting ready to move & scale down the size of my house, so I will no longer have all of the storage space that I need to hold onto all of these amazing & beautiful little "goldmines", so I am finally ready to start selling some of them off. There are too many to post photos of all of them, so just look at the list of the ones I have below and email me with the names of the ones you are interested in and then I can get back to you with photos and specific prices.

ALL Barbies are still in original factory boxes, which is 100% necessary for them to retain the highest value. I rate all of my dolls a 10 on a scale of perfection (none have ever been removed from the boxes) and I rate all of the outer boxes 7.5 - 10. Some even have the original brown shipper boxes from Mattel, which adds even more value, and I have marked each of those with "Shipper Box" next to the name of the Barbie so you'll know.

  • Audrey Hepburn - Breakfast at Tiffany's in Hot Pink Satin Dress
  • Badgely Mischka Designer Bride in Shipper Box
  • Bewitched
  • Bohemian Glamour
  • Bob Mackie Masquerade in Shipper Box
  • Bob Mackie Empress Bride in Shipper Box
  • Bob Mackie Goddess of Asia
  • Bob Mackie Goddess of the Sun in Shipper Box
  • Bob Mackie 45th Anniversary
  • Bob Mackie Radiant Redhead - in Shipper Box
  • Bob Mackie Brunette Brilliance in Shipper Box
  • Bob Mackie Platinum
  • Capucine in Shipper Box
  • City Seasons Collection - Autumn in Paris
  • City Seasons Collection - Winter in Montreal in Shipper Box
  • City Seasons Collection - Spring in Tokyo
  • City Seasons Collection - Autumn in London
  • City Seasons Collection - Winter in New York
  • Diana Ross in Shipper Box
  • Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds
  • Erica Kane Wedding Doll
  • Fantasy Goddess of Asia
  • Gay Parisienne 1991 1st in Porcelain Treasures series
  • Goddess of Sun in Shipper Box
  • Gold Sensation
  • Gone With The Wind Scarlet O’Hara - Black & White New Orleans Shopping Dress
  • Gone With the Wind Scarlet O’ Hara Green Velvet Dress
  • Gone With the Wind Scarlet O’ Hara Red Velvet Dress
  • Gone With the Wind Rhett Butler
  • Grease: Sandy Doll (yellow skirt & sweater)
  • Grease: Sandy Doll in Skin Tight Black Spandex Pants
  • Hard Rock #3
  • Holiday 2002 Collector Edition - in pink gown and marabou stole
  • Hanae Mori Designer in Shipper Box
  • Harley Davidson Ken #1
  • Harley Davidson Barbie #1
  • Harley Davidson Barbie #2 1998 Redhead #20441
  • Harley Davidson Barbie #3 1998 #22256 – black hair
  • Harley Davidson Barbie #4 – Frosted Brown Blond Hair 1999 #25637
  • Harley Davidson Barbie #5 Red Head with flames 2000 #29207
  • Hollywood Devine in Shipper Box
  • I Love Lucy: TV Commercial Vitavegavegemin Episode
  • I Love Lucy: Sales Resistance Episode
  • I Love Lucy: L.A. At Last Episode with burnt nose
  • Lucy and Ricky Anniversary Gift Set
  • Lady Camille in Shipper Box
  • Lingerie #7 - Red Moon
  • Lingerie #5 African American
  • Lingerie #6
  • Mary Poppins
  • My Fair Lady - Audrey Hepburn - Embassy Ball Gown
  • My Fair Lady - Audrey Hepburn - Black & White Ascot Dress with Umbrella
  • My Fair Lady - Audrey Hepburn - Flower Girl in Green Velvet Coat
  • Platinum Diva
  • Portrait in Taffeta #15528 in Shipper Box
  • Red Hot Diva
  • The Rose in Shipper Box
  • The Rose - Flower in Fashion Barbie in Shipper Box
  • Sapphire Splendor
  • Shakira plays Spanish “Wherever, Whenever” song
  • Vera Wang Awards Night
  • Versace in Shipper Box
  • Wonder Woman - 1991
  • The Waltz in Shipper Box

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