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Distant Language (Online International School)

Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles

It is time to spread love, courage, inspiration, motivation, and courage among all the students. That is why at Distant Language, we have just reopened our doors on June 19th to create a safe learning space for kids, offering homeschooling for grades 1-12. We will also continue offering live courses for higher education.

My passion for bilingualism, Hispanic culture and counseling students is what led me create a dual program in Spanish for English speakers and Spanish as a primary language for Spanish native speakers with the option for both groups of having bilingual and multicultural workshops to interchange. This program would be available to students from the USA, Spain and Latin America.

No matter how hard it can be to learn a new language, we rely on the best team of teachers from Spain and Latin America to guide the students during this process, inspiring them with confidence, and teaching them to believe in their potential. I definitely believe that this can open the door for them to achieve their goals in life.

These students represent the new generations of our society, citizens from different parts of the world who are connected by the language and have the tremendous opportunity of embracing diversity, respect for different cultures, and love for unity.

Together we can make this possible.


Natalia Ripalda-Ardila Zavislak

Founder and Director of Distant Language www.distantlanguage.com

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