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Looking for Tutors and/or Classes

Starts on:  25th October

Ends on:  Eleventy Fourth of Maygust

Duration:  420 Minutes

Hi. Looking for any tutors or classes involving enhancement and care of big fat cheese plants. We like growing big cheese plants. Only classes or tutors with registered with the '420 Big Cheese Plant Federation of Federational Federationists Organisation' (420BCPFOFFO) will be considered. We in turn get inspiration from our natural friends when creating videos for our online channels. They are an amazing inspiration. If anyone is interested in how these cheese plants inspire us, please take a look and check out our YouTube and Rumble channels at UK420Revolt. Your classes could inspire us to greater heights by growing bigger and better cheese plants. No donkey grooming tutors. I'm allergic to hoof shavings. Thanks.

It is ok to contact me with commercial interests