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Personal Trainer

Santa Monica, West Los Angeles

Getting in shape isn't easy, but it should be comfortable. Don't waste your time with ineffective workouts, or a lousy workout plan. That's where I come in. When it comes to weight loss, attaining muscle, and staying in shape, it all comes down to planning (my expertise). My services include personalized routines and (safe) hands-on training. If you consider me, I'll show you just how affordable, attainable, and comfortable getting in shape can be. Why you ask?

I specialize in creating programs that utilize my cheap equipment, such as my jumprope, (weighted) backpack, pull-up bar, and a simple chair. My exercises can get anyone at any level, great results. Those who decide to hire me will also have access to a full gym that's a part of my building.


For personal training sessions, I charge one payment of $200 for three weeks of training; if you don't like the first week, you may drop out free of charge. I collect the first month's payment, the first day of the second week.

Do NOT contact me with commercial interests