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Exhaust Inline Ventilation Duct Fan

Price:  $110

Condition:  New


Combine the acoustic and duct working principle, special design for excellent sound attenuation.

The shell is made of polypropylene plastic, with high anti-acid function.

Built with Sound Absorbing Foam body.

Easy Dismounting Connector.

The impeller is made of ABS, designed by hydromechanics to reach the optimal air and pressure.

Two-speed motor, Japanese brand NMB ball bearing, long working life to 50,000 hours.

IP44 protection class, waterproof and dustproof more effective.

Can be designed with a delay function, temperature sensors and humidity sensors, more of user-friendly features design.

Operating temperature range: -20°C~60°C.


  • Power: 120V 60hz
  • High 70W 2600RPM 550m3/h 21dbA
  • Low 60W 1650RPM 340m3/h 20dbA
  • Overall Size: 20" (L) x 7" x 9"

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