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Antique quartersawn table (mainly for the rare legs)

Sherman Oaks, North Los Angeles

Price:  $400

Antique table-estimated to be over 100 years old by the previous owner. She purchased it as a rough antique back in the 1970s in the San Francisco area.

The main thing being sold is the rare legs with some potential to rebuild the actual table. The top boards are beautiful solid 3/4" quartersawn oak and flat. So the top material alone could be put through a sander and would be better than new quartersawn oak boards bought at a specialty hardwood supplier since those boards usually only yield 30-50% straight grain.

So the top has solid quartersawn oak boards that would probably cost over $500 to get this much straight grain tiger oak. It works as a small table but had some so-so repairs underneath.

The best choice may be to harvest the parts for another table.

Most antique tables use solid plain oak legs. But these legs were turned and carved out of solid quartersawn oak. Each leg is in amazing condition and the patterns in them are absolutely gorgeous. And they are really solid!

At some point, they were attached to the top of a board and each board was attached to the underside of the table. They could be pulled in less than 20 minutes

  • 42" square
  • 51" with the only leaf

This is solid quartersawn oak on top and the hardwood slides are original and have held together surprisingly well.

The centers of the slides have pins and holes. That section is slightly raised past the next slides. Those areas appeared to hold a board which then held a single or double leg support.

If someone wanted to rebuild this, they could do the following: New boards could be put in place at the center support and single legs added to support the table when fully extended. I have two quartersawn oak turned legs meant for a different project that I could include.

The main legs should be removed and reinstalled. A new double plated board used instead or the legs built into supports into each corner (probably fell apart 50-75 years ago).

The center leaf that does exist could be replicated if someone really wanted to make this table into something that expands to its original 10 feet.

But again, the greatest value may be in the hard to find legs

I am a designer fabricator and have not decided to tackle this as a project yet.

$400 or best offer

Do NOT contact me with commercial interests