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Thermal Imaging Camera - Agema 450 - Maker/Hobbyist/Repair

Glendale, North Los Angeles

Price:  $225

Condition:  Used

Make / Manufacturer:  Agema

Model Name / Number:  450 Thermal

Attention maker's, hobbyists and repair people - This is a fantastic opportunity to have some fun with very cool technology - Thermal Imaging. Actually SEE heat!

I'm selling an Agema 450 Thermal Imaging camera. This camera almost works, except that it is missing the main scanner motor in it. It'll take a bit of ingenuity to make it work, but given that it is 1990's technology, the parts are much bigger and much easier to figure out.

I've sourced a Maxon motor and figured out the pin-outs for the connection. It spins up fine, except that this motor is too big to fit where the old one went. So you could either source a smaller one, or figure out some clever rig (maybe 3D print it) to connect it to the scanning mirror.

I've made a number of engineering notes on this unit and will include them with the purchase. I will also include some other motors that may be able to used. And happy to share whatever I've learned about this unit as well. It's a really fun project that I unfortunately don't have time for anymore.

It's an amazing machine that would be a great project for the right person. It's also fairly unique, in that many other thermal imagers operate in the 7-14um band (LWIR), while this operates in the 3-5um (MWIR) band, and allows you to do some specialized things like observe CO2 emissions. Or, if you just want something that looks super cool for a set piece, this is the right unit for you!

Do NOT contact me with commercial interests