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Older Mac? We have video adaptors!

Santa Monica, West Los Angeles

Price:  $10

If you have an older Mac (2008 or earlier) which has a DVI or Mini-DVI or Mini-VGA video output port, and wish to connect your desktop or laptop to a monitor or projector, we have the perfect solution. We have the DVI to VGA (photo #1) or the Mini-DVI to VGA (photo #2) or Mini-DVI to DVI (photo #3) or Mini-VGA to VGA (photo #4) video adaptors for $10 each, genuine Apple. These adaptors are able to support 15-year old Macs, such as the e-Mac, Powerbook, early Mac Mini, Early iMac, Early MacBook, G3 iBook, and Power Mac towers. Some may be available in multiples. Note: NONE of these are for recent models, or for any units newer than 2009. We DO NOT have the newer (Lightning/Thunderbolt/Mini Display Port/USB-C) adaptors!

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