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Amazon Fire TV 4K Terrarium Install, Better than KODI

Long Beach, Greater Los Angeles

Price:  $20

Condition:  New

Terrarium TV (AKA the Kodi Killer) is the latest and greatest thing to happen to the Amazon FireTV. Are you tired of Kodi not working and paying someone to reinstall it over and over again? I have 5 years of experience installing Kodi on Fire TV's. I have been using Terrarium instead of Kodi for the last 2 years. Why? Because it is way better for for streaming TV shows and movies.

With Terrarium TV you get:

  • NEW and old Movies
  • TV Shows like Game of Thrones, The Bachelor etc.
  • Netflix shows
  • Hulu Shows
  • Amazon Prime Shows
  • HBO Original series like Game of Thrones
  • Kids Shows

AND SOOOO Much More!

You can cancel your subscription to Netflix, Hulu, HBO. You get all those shows with Terrarium TV for FREE! There is no monthly fee or any kind of bill ever! This is not to good to be true, this is the real deal and I'm going to show you how to do it!

What I am selling is a service. I am going to walk you through installing Terrarium TV on your Amazon Fire TV over the phone. Don't worry, I make it really easy. You will also get access to my App Store that has a bunch of fun apps that you can download for Free.

All you need is an Amazon FireTV stick. Once you get your FireTV Stick email me to set up an appointment for your install.

Happy Streaming! - Team Terrarium TV (Josh)

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