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Zeiss vintage 180mm Jena Sonnar German prime lens

Price:  $150

Condition:  Used

Make / Manufacturer:  Zeiss

Model Name / Number:  Sonnar

Zeiss Jena P6 lens 180mm Sonnar

Can be used on just about any digital camera or original Pentacon 6 cameras. P6 is one of the easiest to adapt of the old lens lines. Lens is in good condition for its age and can be adapted easily on just about any modern digital camera (dslr or mirrorless) with the right adapter Canon, Sony, MFT M4/3 m43, Nikon, Fuji, PL, or others (I can help you find one online). The glass is in good shape for its age and cosmetically, the aperture is set open but it makes for a perfect portrait lens with shallow depth of field (price reduced as a result) These were originally made for medium format cameras and are serious lenses! Perfect for the avid filmmaker/director of photography student or newbie. These are pretty heavy and built like a tank so avoiding eBay due to shipping expenses. Come pick them up and get shooting!

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