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Let’s Network Market

Thousand Oaks, Greater Los Angeles

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Looking to Network Market. Go out for some drinks or a bite to eat and get to know each other, share goals, and see what we have in common or how we can help benefit one another’s lives for the better. I just want friends! And not just any kind of friends but REAL friends with REAL goals and Lots of ambition.

A little about me... I’m a recording artist and a writer. I write songs, stories, articles, and even started a few movies (that I never finished lol). I’m just an overall creator through words. So right now I’m working on my music. Just going to drop a few songs in 2020 and focus on my image. I’m a beginner model but it’s coming along well. I love taking pictures! I’ve been in a couple of music videos and I’ve directed a couple as well. I’m very fun to be around. I love to joke so sensitive people are not really my type. I have Huge gigantic dreams that a lot of people find hard to see or believe so if you’d like to be friends with me, just know IM A BIG DREAMER.

So now tell me about you.... (Please no pics. This is not about looks) email daringhair@protonmail.com

Do NOT contact me with commercial interests