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I Want to Learn Construction/Landscaping

North Hollywood, North Los Angeles

Education Completed:  high school/GED

Salary Expectations:  14$ per hour

Available:  weekdays

I am looking for:  Entry Level

Providing Background Check:  Yes

Providing Criminal Record:  Yes

I live in the NoHo area and, like the title says, I would like to learn about either construction and/or landscaping. I have no experience in either.

If you’re a professional or business owner in either area and are looking for an intern (you don’t have to pay me), I’d love to talk, and hopefully shadow/spend some time learning and working for you. I’m good with physical labor, have a good attitude, and am eager to learn.

Just trying to expand my horizons and develop new skills.

I can drive pass/cargo vans and have some experience in box trucks.

Do NOT contact me with commercial interests