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Hiring Trainee Live-in bar tender, Hostess, Travel Promos

Hollywood, West Los Angeles

Education Completed:  less than high school

Salary Expectations:  81.2 k mthly

Available:  mornings

I am looking for:  Entry Level

Providing Background Check:  No

Providing Criminal Record:  No

Become a live events; trainee Hostess, bar tender, promotions assistant, appear in all live events where mass press media attends in womens fashion magazines/ entertainment coverage for all functions. This is also could be as " live in " free living for trainee at the employers estate. U always hang with employer where ever he attends appearing in all award shows. There is travel to islands for further functions in same. This is as a woman to appearing, talking to press. Pay is 81.2 k mthly.. U must be into appearing in press coverage and photo ops.

Do NOT contact me with commercial interests