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HAPPY Early Bird Housekeeper / Cleaning / Cooking

Hollywood, West Los Angeles

Education Completed:  some college

Salary Expectations:  25/hr

Available:  mornings

I am looking for:  Senior Level

Providing Background Check:  Yes

Providing Criminal Record:  Yes


I'm a positive and happy person, who usually gets up very early in the morning, I love the sunrise :-)

I could come to your place even before you're awake and prepare breakfast for you. I clean your house, go grocery shopping, pay the bills, wash and iron your clothes and when you come back from work dinner would be ready on the stove.

It may sound silly but I actually like cleaning and cooking. Being a rather spiritual person I believe that your surroundings somehow affect your inner peace. In other words: If your outside is a mess, your mind is a mess, too (at least to a certain degree). And I believe in healthy food, as I see the human body as a “Godly structure” which has to be nourished accordingly.

That being said, there would also be the option of me being a live-in-housekeeper.

After my work is done, I'd recline in my room reading books and listening to music on my headphones. You won't even hear me the rest of the day.

Do not worry about bad behaviour. I have absolutely no criminal record whatsoever, I hardly get a speeding ticket. I'm a calm person who has read thousands of scripts and books throughout her life time. I'm a movie freak and I'm starstruck :-)

I'm 51 years of age, fluent in 4 languages and I'm originally from Vienna/Austria.

I love animals and am engaged in all kinds of charity, especially for the homeless.

Now, every REAL and DECENT response is welcome.

PS: I will NOT respond to one-liners with weird questions.


Los Angeles

Do NOT contact me with commercial interests