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In a recent TMZ article from June 2020 it was reported that Actress Dawn Wells had a restraining order from a stalker ( https://www.tmz.com/2020/06/27/gilligans-island-dawn-wells-dementia-mary-ann-restraining-order/ )

Be it known that this case was heard in LA Superior Court on July 8, 2020 and was quickly thrown out due to the fact that the Manager of Dawn Wells, Leonard Carter, grossly overstated the nature of his power of attorney and had no legal rights to file any legal actions on behalf of Dawn Wells.

The accused, Frank J Bennett, had up until 3/30/20 been involved in a 16 month relationship with Ms. Wells until her manager, Leonard Carter, purposefully interrupted any and all access to Ms. Wells, then thus accusing Mr. Bennett of harassing and abusing Ms. Wells without cause and only filed for an order of protection AFTER Mr. Frank J Bennett filed a report with Adult Protective Services

Any and all entities whom have done business with Leonard Carter should reexamine their contracts to assure he did not perpetrate the very same fraudulent misrepresentation with them as well.

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