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Metaverse Testers Needed Receive Free Land In MetaVerse

San Fernando, North Los Angeles

Venue:  In the Metaverse

Event Date:  Opportunity ends 2/15

You only need an email address, no worrying over linking personal accounts, or crazy internet scams. Founded by Patrick McConlōgue, the Overline Network is challenging to become a leader in the world of Web3. The race to become the premiere metaverse is just getting started and Overline's metaverse, OLand, is already crushing FB's "Horizon" with more daily active users. Do your own research, this is not financial advice, just a limited opportunity. This is the last chance to get in as Stage 2 begins on the 15th and you will want to get in before that. What you choose to do and how deep you go down the rabbit hole is up to you, the opportunities that could be on your horizon are mind blowing. Just use the link below and all you need to get started is an email address. The Overline network needs more testers to keep the lead, are you Ready, Player One?


Do NOT contact me with commercial interests