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Twist and Shape workout system with DVD

Price:  $150

Twist & Shape Abs Trainer, Green/Silver

Original price was $179

Description: Twist and shape is the revolutionary ABS and core Trainer that tones and gives you sexy ABS and a stronger core in just minutes a day, all you have to do is twist! moving in opposite directions using torso twist and hip rotation exercises puts your ABS in the 'toning zone' where they're continuously sculpted by both movements. Twist and shape zeroes-in to strengthen and tone your upper ABS, lower ABS, even love handle oblique. Its impact-free movement also targets your hips, buns and thighs with lower body moves that are fluid, fast, fun and effective. You can see dramatic results within the first 2 weeks.


  • no textiles, fur, or fiber components
  • Imported
  • Twist & Shape sculpting secret is the fusing together of two of the world's Best exercises....the torso twist and hip rotation
  • Dual rotary anti-skid spin plates creates an even more intense workout
  • The low impact & fun way to workout & get into shape
  • Digital display that tracks time, reps, and calories burned
  • Workout DVD and 14-day eating guide deliver fast results

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