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IDOLpro 1000W Karaoke System, Speakers, Rechargeable Microphones

Price:  $1,669

IDOLpro 1000W Superior Karaoke System With 2 Way Speakers, Dual Rechargeable Wireless Microphone, Mixing Amplifier

The IP-388II provides 1400W of clean power. Equipped with a BBE processor, music & vocals come out with rich details heard in concerts. IP-388II also features a 8 step digital key controller, allowing you to match the key of the song to your voice. Perfect harmonics every time! The tone control & built-in echo effects gives your speakers the sound heard in concerts!

The UHF-330 combines IDOLpro professional hallmark crystal-clear sound with money-saving rechargeable microphone capability. This is a very high quality, durable unit constructed for years of continuous, reliable use. Featuring advanced frequency technology operation, the UHF-330 also has an operating range of up to 300ft or more, twice as far as most premium wireless microphone systems. If you've been looking for the best rechargeable wireless microphone system on the market look no further - the IDOLpro UHF-330 beats the competition not only in quality and features but price as well!

  • Mixing Amplfier: IDOLpro IP-388 II 1400W Recording/Bluetooth/HDMI/10 Band LED Equalizer Professional Console Mixing Amplifier

  • Wireless Microphones: IDOLpro UHF-330 Dual Rechargeable Professional Wireless Microphones

  • Speakers: IdolPro IPS-630 1000W 10" Woofer Superior Sound Professional Karaoke Speakers

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