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Disting mk4 Expert Sleepers Eurorack

Price:  $150

Condition:  Used

Make / Manufacturer:  Disting

Model Name / Number:  MK4

Many-in-1 multifunction eurorack synthesizer module

THE disting mk4

The mk4 builds on the previous mk3 and adds these new features:

  • a dot matrix display, making menu navigation, parameter selection etc. a breeze.
  • a front panel accessible MicroSD card slot.
  • compatibility with the Macro Machines Storage Strip.
  • an internal precision clock allowing new algorithms such as a tuner, and pitch and frequency references.

The new version is largely software-compatible with the mk3, and the intention is to continue releasing new features for both the mk3 and mk4 in parallel.

X & Y inputs, A & B outputs:

ADC: 24 bit, THD+N -93dB, Dynamic range 99dB, SNR 99dB DAC: 24 bit, THD+N -94dB, Dynamic range 105dB, SNR 104dB Sample rate: 75kHz Z input sample rate: 75kHz CPU: Microchip PIC32MX at up to 50MHz, hackable, open source code framework available.


There are currently 84 distinct algorithms organised in several banks. The first 16 are the 'classic disting' ones.

Precision Adder with integer voltage offsets Four Quadrant Multiplier with integer multiply/divide Full-wave Rectifier Minimum/maximum Linear/Exponential Converter Quantizer with selectable scales Comparator with adjustable hysteresis Dual Waveshaper wavefolder and triangle-to-sine shaper Sample and Hold with noise source and adjustable slew rate Slew Rate Limiter with linear and exponential slew Pitch and Envelope Tracker Clockable Delay/Echo LFO with through zero frequency control and waveshaping Clockable LFO with multiply/divide and waveshaping VCO with linear FM sine and saw outputs VCO with waveshaping saw/triangle and pulse outputs

The remaining algorithms are:

Precision Adder with fractional voltage offsets Voltage Controlled Delay Line vibrato/chorus/flange effects Clockable Ping Pong Delay Clockable Ping Pong Delay with input pan control Resonator for drum synthesis Vocoder 12 band Phaser up to 10 stages Bit Crusher Tape Delay with voltage controlled tape speed Waveform Animator State Variable Filter smoothly variable filter type LP/HP Filter LP/BP Filter BP/HP Filter BP/Notch Filter AR Envelope AR Envelope (with push) AR Envelope & VCA AR Envelope & VCA (with push) Dual AR Envelope Dual AR Envelope (with push) Euro to Buchla Converter Buchla to Euro Converter Clockable AD Envelope (with mute) Clockable AD Envelope (with gate) Clockable AD Envelope (with trigger) Clockable AD Envelope & VCA Shift Register Random CVs Shift Register Random Quantized CVs Shift Register Random Triggers Shift Register Random Dual Triggers ES-1 Emulation ES-2 Emulation Pitch Reference Frequency Reference Tuner MIDI Clock MIDI/CV CV/MIDI Crossfade/Pan Dual Sample and Hold Dual Quantizer (Z scale) Dual Quantizer Dual Euclidean Patterns Dual Delayed Pulse Generator Noise Programmable Quantizer Stereo Reverb Mono-to-Stereo Reverb Dual Reverb Stereo Chorus Mono Chorus Gate Delayed LFO Scaled LFO

The functions relating to playing back audio and MIDI files from the MicroSD card are:

Audio Playback Clocked Audio Playback Audio Playback with V/Oct Audio Playback with Z Speed Audio Playback with Reverse Dual Audio Playback Dual Audio Playback with Z Speed MIDI File Playback (Clocked) MIDI File Playback (Free Running) Audio Playback with End CV Audio Recorder Wavetable VCO

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