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Lost & Found Pets And Pet Help

http://FINDYOURLOSTPETCALIFORNIA.US For so long, we thought bringing cats to shelters was the best way to help them, but we now realize that most of the time, we can actually help them better by leaving them where they are.

Lost cats are more likely to get home, kittens are more likely to grow up healthy and happy, and community cats are more likely to thrive (and less likely to cause problems) when we help them in the community where we find them rather than bringing them to a shelter. That leaves the shelter with room for the cats who really do need our help - those whose owners can no longer keep them, cats that are sick or injured and those who have been victims of cruelty and neglect.When you find a friendly "stray" adult cat, the odds for this cat getting reunited with its family are more than 10 times better if the cat stays in its home neighborhood than if it comes to a shelter.

If you find a cat that seems stray, you may first want to watch and wait to see if it goes home on its own - it might be a community cat that cruises around several homes for food and friendship. If not, the best thing to do is take a photo and post it on your local neighborhood network site, local lost and found facebook group, lost and found page for your local shelter, and post signs around the neighborhood.

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