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Mar Vista, West Los Angeles

Price:  $140

Tylaska T8 Snap Shackles are perfect for applications requiring high strength and low weight. They have a breaking strength of 8,000 LB & only weigh 3.5oz in the standard bail configurations.

These snaps look brand new, other than the normal scuffs that you would see with any NOS hardware that has been around a couple of years.

LB - Large Bails provide room for up to three additional shackles or a combination of shackles and lines. Ideal for spinnaker sheets, guys or other multi-line applications.

These babies go for around $135 to $150 each online, but you can get my pair for $140. If I get my asking price, I will throw in a brand new Tylaska T5-T12 fid (goes for $25), which makes tripping a snap (I know, its a bad pun...).

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