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2nd Gen Dodge Ram Cold Air Intake CAI

Price:  $40

Make:  Dodge Ram

Model:  94-2001 1500s, 94-02 2500s and 3500s

Condition:  Used

Works on 94-2001 1500s and 94-02 2500s and 3500s with the 5.2/318 or the 5.9/360. It's coming off my 5.9 gasser.

$175 New, asking for $40. I see these sell used on forums for $120+ all the time, so I think my price is fair.

The filter lasts forever, you just have to reclean it and oil it every now and then. It sounds great, you can hear the air rushing into the intake from the cab, but it's not loud or annoying. I added some thick weather stripping to the box to better seal it in the engine bay and I'll include it for free (not shown in the picture, but I'll try to throw some pictures of it up later). One of the bolts came out of the a rubber grommet, but it's a simple $1 fix with a trip to the hardware store, and it will work without it.

Had it for a couple years, works really well in dusty environments since it's super easy to clean. You can do it right on the trail if you need to. You can also modify it by cutting a hole in the side of the box and running a hose out to the front bumper, turning it into a ram air box for even better efficiency. That would be similar to the Volant Air system, but that sells for $350 plus. I was going to do this but I'm now going a different route.

I'm only getting rid of it because I'm installing a shaker hood soon and it won't work with that set up.

I will clean and re-oil the filter, just clean it, or leave it as is, up to you. Some people prefer to do it themselves since too much oil can get into the intake (plus it's fun to work on your truck yourself, am I right?).

I can drop it off somewhere for gas money depending on how far out your are (if you're getting this, you know how much our trucks eat).

Thank you and good luck!

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