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Professional female seeking room

Pasadena, North Los Angeles


I'm a fifty plus prof female seeking to rent a room with a private or shared bathroom. I work in the medical field and I currently live with a roommate but after six years have decided to move on due to her ongoing family situation. I would love to rent from someone who owns their own home and is in the same age range as myself. I do not want to live with a married couple or a male and please no dorm like rooms or a house/apt with someone renting every single room in the house. I do not smoke, do drugs or have guest spending the night. I tend to stay to myself and during the week I pretty much stay in my room because my work week is so busy. It so expensive to live in California and even though I have a great job, I'm unable to afford to live on my own. Thank you for taking the time to read my ad. One last thing. I love animals but I'm allergic to cats.

Pasadena area.


Do NOT contact me with commercial interests