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Space available for film production and photography

Rent:  Not Specified

Now that things have are taking a turn for the better...

Exterior of house available for you and your company. The house itself it not yet available, but will be again in the future. Short films were shot 5+ years ago inside and outside the house. What you can use: front of the house, driveway area (potted plants and a large storage barn are there), backyard with mural on one side, and garden lots of succulents, cactus, avocado tree etc.

The property is located in a medium sized street with urban sounds.

I can send photos upon request, but those who have shot here came to see it in person, you be the judge.

Cost? Nothing or a little something, but you must provide your own porter potty, etc. (the indoor restrooms are private).

What's the catch? If it's a film, you must make me a producer and give me a cut of whatever you make. If it's a series, commercial, photography, then we can discuss a price within your budget.

Serious inquiries only.

Do NOT contact me with commercial interests