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A Beautiful Pool for a Beautiful Price $75 month

Santa Clarita & San Fernando Valley, San Fernando, North Los Angeles

Beautiful Pool service At a Beautiful Price.

Most pools $75 a month Service & repairs, want to upgrade equipment, want automation, energy efficient pumps , lights we can take care of any and all of your needs. Insured and Licensed Pool Technician with over 10 years of highly skilled, trained, educated, professional experience in Swimming Pool maintenance and repairs. Communication is a key element in our business, we are highly recommended.

Allowing our Highly Skilled, licensed technicians to care for your swimming pool, eliminating hazardous chemical storage at your house, will allow you to relax and enjoy your pool. We provide the highest quality maintenance and products for your pool and spa we specialize in salt water chlorination pools. We are dedicated to making your pool the stress free, relaxing environment it was intended to be.

Visit our Website: http://www.pbjpool.com Send us an Email

Residential Pool and Spa Service starts at $65 per month Commercial pools slightly higher

No Hidden fees chemicals included

Repairs, Start-ups, Emergency Service, and equipment install available

  • Complete water analysis
  • Maintain chemical balance as needed
  • Empty skimmer baskets and Pump Baskets
  • Clean top and bottom surfaces of debris
  • Brush pool and Spa
  • Inspect pool equipment for proper operation, repair as necessary(additional charge for parts and labor for repairs)
  • Clean filters 2x/year (additional charge applies for filter cleaning)
  • additional charges for certain chemicals,(conditioner, algae treatment, phosphate remover) parts, repairs and salt cell or filter cleanings.
  • also offered on bi-weekly basis, ONE time only, and Chemical only stops.

Pool related questions welcome. It is important to have your Swimming Pool and equipment regularly inspected by a trained professional. Call us today... Communication is a key element in our business. Customized service and repair for your pool and spa.

It is ok to contact me with commercial interests