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Am I the only progressive Trump supporter in LA?

Santa Clarita, Greater Los Angeles

For the record I don't agree with everything he does. California is a weird place where they have leaders in the state that would rather dedtroy the state and sink it and hurt its residents well being just to oppose the president, is that really progressive? Free speech shut down at Berkely is that progressive? All inclusive except if you think differently than what liberals currently find trendy, is that progressive? being taxed and regulated more than any other residents in the USA is that progressive? Before the election I was one the fence and could care less about became president until I saw Liberals and Antifa and all these other silly people destroying buisnesses because they could not cope with Trump becoming presidet, is that progressive? The state has the worst homelessness in the USA with many veterans and people with mental illness lost and left untreated on the streets all while the state fights for the rights of immigrants, is that progressive. Californians who say the USA is a terrible place but who would never leave it to live in a **** hole country. Californians are the most racist people I have ever met they live in seperate neighboorhoods from different ethnic and race groups if that aint segregation that what is?

Also is that progressive?

Am I a nationalist hell yeah, I am American born and raised why would I not wan't the country to better and stronger than the rest of the world. these so called socialist who hate the President want a socialist government where that same president would have complete control over everything? Is that progressive? seeing Antifa with their Nazi boots rioting and shutting down 1st amendment speakers seems kunda faschist to me, is that progressive? I think liberals are faschist and have projected those ideas onto others, They march against their own rights to own guns and protect themselves and wan't a socialist government to have all control over guns, They hate Trump but would wan't him to have complete control over their guns and safety, is that progressive?

Since they compare him to hitler its like Nazis wanting to strip the jews of guns and putting them into the hands of tyrant, is that progressive?

Trump is so racist he is putting more black and Latinos to work more than Obama ever did and Trump did thus in his first year. please feel free to jump and join the conversation, because I believe the people with the most elitist ideas and inequality are liberals but I could be wrong and would love to be proven so. thanks for reading. also everyone love Kaitlyn Jenner until he admited he is a conservative and that was just plain ironic.....

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