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What do the Dems stand for!

God bless America

During 2016, I saw and ad run on TV non stop.. 670K homeless Americans, 48m under the poverty level...How can this be? The ad must be a Lie, funny thing is I still see it on the television all the time...So what gives, Are the Democrates more concered about Illegal comeing to America then its own Homeless!

Are the Demogrates more concered more about Illegal's coming to America then those under the poverity level?Where were the Demogrates during the Obama administration. How did these American become homeless, live in poverty. I remember Mr. Obama saying, "a new day has come to America" after his election...It is not just illegal's comeing to America.. do you really want a country with 500m, 750m people do you not care about the quality of life you are going to leave your children and grand children, and so on..I guess not. Here in California with Gov. Moonbeam, he talks about crowded roads, yet everywhere I look there is new single family homes being built, more condo's going up.. I guess he has never heard that SoCal is a desert we don't get multiple inches of water in SoCal, we have to import it from Northern Cal or from the Colorado River...can you imagine what will happen when that one big earth quake hits, knocking out the water supply.

Do you want to see every inch of land built on, how about cutting down forests for the lumber, or to build new homes in.. pushing more animals out of there area of life...So in short who do the Demograte represent, Americans or Illegals. They don't represent the working American, for 8 years Obama and the Dems did everything they could to constrain business. Look at now, unemployment is down to 3.8 percent. more people are getting back into the work force...So what have the demogrates been doing for the last 8 years.. oh wait, Michelles school food program!!!!!!hahaha This post had been "Flaged" for being correct and true.. I'm reposting it so the "jackass" who flaged it can read it again, with some added comments.

I see the Left media is at it again, Trump should not meet with Putin, yet when Hillary Clinton was "secrectary of state" it was wonderful, she even had a "Reset" button, do you Liberals remember that? And what about Cuba. How the Left praised Castro and Obama yet here was a dictator, who subjected his country to 50 years of dispare... Oh how the Left loved Castro... I could just see all the Lefty female "news readers" on TV falling over themselves...Who the hell do they think they are? Most can't read the script there given, none of them could actually report news... Oh I admit I never would turn on Cnn, MsNBC, or any of the Network channels, I prefer not to be bored or watch stupid people, hell I'd rather watch a nature show... Ane now for the final thought, The deputy AG, just released the indightments against 12 Russians that he think participated in meddleing in the 2016 Election.. (Don't forget Liberals) they are not guilty of anything until convicted by the "Laws" of the United States... and Although I agree tht the Russians did medle, the DAG said no American had a hand in it.. that includes the President... and BTW for you indiots "Colussion" is not a crime... look up the meaning of the word... you do know what a dictionary is right! And of course those Russians will never come to trial, so I don't really understand the point, unless the DAG is just throwing a net over the whole thing to protect Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and the Obama admin, who was in office during the 2016 year and who was advised about the Russian meddleing!

God bless America

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