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This has to be one of your most moronic ideas to date. Do you have any idea what the costs of hiring that many additional security guards would end up costing the tax payers? The costs for annual salaries, benefits, management, pensions etc. etc in perpetuity are staggering! Assume you hire 1,000 guards, the cost over 25 years for that resource is around 5,000,000,000. And the costs keep on going.

Trump wants the same amount to build a smart wall that will in fact work and will in fact keep illegals out of the country and will be working long after it's paid off. A smart wall - for those of you like Lalib - who have no idea about advanced electronic monitoring - will be equipped with seismic sensors to detect tunneling, infrared detectors, long range cameras, etc. Will it stop everything? No, but neither will a million more guards that will cost billions and never get paid off.

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