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So many posts, we can all bond and heal our nations differences, in solidarity against a virus...

Yeah right. Know what happens when there’s too many rats in a cage? That’s where the world is today. Consumer economy doesn’t produce. The loud leeches who wear big$$ sneakers haven’t ever manufactured anything, they can barely be employees. The eemigrents are ruthless baby makers taking every dime they can wrestle away from the orthodoxes, who also loot public assistance mercilessly.

No more melting pot. Just a swollen population of competing interests, very few decent scrupulous folks. Amoral, perverted freaks and the dissolute vie for crumbs the billionaires drop.

The billionaires prop up the “markets” with fake cash the fed prints capriciously. Pension funds are sinking into the student loan/bank bailout abyss, and soon credit will collapse. Apple is the only FAANG company that makes something. The rest have “valuation”. But no value.

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