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Its time for patience, not anger

Things are getting scary out there. It's like a sci-fi movie. The national guard could be called up to maintain order in our city streets. 23,000 soldiers to police all 39,000,000 of us in CA. I didn't accept the reality of this situation until today, when the numbers were rolled out and we see the math. And the math is really bad.

Right now, we are told that 56% of us in California could contract this virus. That's about 22 million people. The death rate right now for Covid 19 here in the USA is about 1.5%. 1.5% of 22,000,000 is 330,000 people. To put this number in perspective, we lost less than that number of American soldiers fighting in WW2 in Europe. And these are just California's numbers. We are about to lose somewhere between 500,000 and 1 million lives in this country to this virus. If we can get this death rate down, by obeying next stay at home order, and hopefully finding some drugs that work, maybe we can knock down the death rate by 90%. But that will still be 100,000 in California ONLY.

We are about to face a wave of death and stress and trauma. We don't have the luxury of hatred and protest right now. So let's stop trash talking each other about things that are irrelevant right now, and focus on the very rough days ahead.

Behave. Treat people better than you normally do. Everyone is going to be having bad days and they are going to be in pain and short-tempered. Remember that before you react to someone. Count to five, count to ten, silently curse them but don't let this stressful time make you become part of the problem.

Look for ways to help. You will be needed. Don't underestimate the situation. We are not destroying our economy for no reason. This is as real as it gets.

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