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Helping Hands Senior Foundation

Altadena, North Los Angeles

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We are a nonprofit Organization that helps seniors learn about great programs and resources in their community. We offer free care planning services to seniors of any income level, insurance, and/ or health condition. Our goal is to help our senior clients retain or regain their independence, while lowering their cost of living and improving their quality of life.

Our Process: We gather information about your needs, health, support structure, income, insurance and other critical information- our intake process takes 10 to 15 minutes and be completed over the phone. We then verify your eligibility, create a care plan and assign a care coordinator who should reach out to you within a few business days.

Resources we can assist with: In- Home care Care Planning Transportation Assistance Services Case Management VA Benefits Financial Assistance Programs Residential Placement Assistance Medical Equipment Housing Referrals/ Resources And More!!

Call us at (818) 279-6580 to complete our intake process.

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