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Long Beach, Greater Los Angeles

Lead Singer Available: Mature.

I've been singing 3 & 4 sets a night gigs in Dive Bars and Saloons in an "old guy" band, for the past couple years.

I've been singing green day, stone temple pilots, sublime, alice in chains, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bad company, Stray cats, Wild cherry, Pearl jam ... but yeah, I still know a bunch of stones and oldie songs if that's what your band is playing.

I don't want to be in a tribute band, can't sing Zeppelin, or ACDC.

I have some range, 2 octaves, maybe a little more?

I'm not interested in start ups, can't afford to pay for studio time either. So yeah I'm on a tight budget and might not be the perfect fit for a group of affluent guys. But I do have gear, sound & lights, and I actually know how to use it, and I'm willing to bring it to gigs.

I want to get with some guys that want to gig, and realize that every member has to pull their weight publicizing gigs, getting their share of people to every show and that that you can't play too loud in bars. contact me for picture and current song list.

Do NOT contact me with commercial interests