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US Unemployment Rate is Way Down Thanks To Smart People Like Me

Several years back after my contractor work slowed way down I heard that former president Obama say he was making it easier to get disability. He knew the more people on disability and Welfare, the less unemployed people which would give the illusion true unemployment was down. And good ole Donald trump is being just as generous and letting millions more get faked disability to keep the unemployment down.

So now I get over $1650 a month for disability even though I'm not at all disabled at all, I just look like a retard so I got a crooked lawyer to get me permanent disability. The lawyer even had a menu to pick your fake disability from. All my friends get government assistant so no one i know actually works. If it wasn't for fake disability, welfare, and hundreds of other government assistance, the streets would be filled with people looking for work like the great depression.

The real unemployment is 3 to 4 times the national CBO rate. They only count American's Collecting Benefits Only. Why work if the government wants to support us and there aren't too many jobs left anyway. Let them continue to outsource all the jobs and pump in foreigners to replace Americans. who cares. If the government runs out of money they can just borrow more like they always do LOL

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