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Glendale, North Los Angeles

Practically No Goddamn Jobs or opportunity anywhere especially if you're over then Goddamn 40 forget it ONLY jobs available are part time minimum wage jobs that only want to hire kids or recent immigrants. Goddamn, greedy as **** **** companies. Many companies want you to work for free now, they call it internship. I saw one for house cleaning, 3 month non paid internship.

REAL US Unemployment now 16% , 50 Million American's can no longer find full time work Greedy selfish douche-bag employers only want to offshore the jobs or hire kids or foreigners Housing, food, utilities, taxes, fees, surcharges, prescriptions everything up and up and up.

The 1% have sucked up everything and keep raising costs on every Goddamn thing. Most Corrupt God fucking damn Government in our History by far before and after Trump. Every politician bought off by the filthy rich and the global corporations.

God fucking damn this fucked up pile of **** Goddamn Country !!!

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