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The American Dream is alive - in China

This past week, a college in the U.S. insured itself against a major drop in tuition revenue from Chinese Students. Think about that.

95,000 Indians are studying in our colleges and the Chinese make up 30% of all foreign students, but only 40% of us go to college and of the 60% of us without a college education--most of us will never earn enough to buy a house. We are working slave wages for the great wall-mart of china. And many of the 40% of us going to college are saddled with debt that takes five or more years to pay off, further delaying economic prosperity.

In the 1950's, a person could afford to buy a two-bedroom 750sq/ft house at jobs as simple as pumping gas. What happened to the American Dream? How did so much of our lives improve, but we can't afford what our parents could? Because the G.I. Bill gave them quality healthcare and education. When the golden age of industry (1946 to 1973) ended, we failed to invest in mass education as a solution. We should've invested a trillion dollars in college education for all, not as a right, but as an investment in our future. Instead, we wasted money on wars for oil and by 1980, started giving tax cuts to the top one percent. In 1980, The Koch Brothers were worth $3 Billion, today, they are worth $100 billion. That's a lot of money that went up to them and never trickled down and they are not the only ones. Other than power, what does a $100 billion buy that $3 billion can't buy?

Starting in 1974, we should've made a trillion-dollar investment to develop electric cars, solar cells and battery storage. If we'd done so, the Middle-East's would not have risen to power on the back of our petroleum dollars, there would be less pollution, less global warming and we'd have a higher standard of living than the previous generations.

The viability of our society, the strength of our economy, the quality of our lives and our place in the world are inextricably linked to the quality of education provided to our youth and us all. Only an inexpensive, renewable energy resource ushering an age of mass robotic labor will make India's and China's large, cheap human labor obsolete and end the Middle-East's oil power plays (petro-wars). And it's the only thing that will make American great again, regardless of who's in power. But we are 40 years late and nowhere near as advanced in solar and batterie storage as we need to be to become independent of oil. Meanwhile, the American Dream is still alive, but it's happening in China, while we're arguing over minimum wage and calling free college - socialism.

The American Dream is alive in China:


Study conducted by the Federal Reserve published this month!

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