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You see it everywhere now, especially in the stores and now all the banks (no more tellers), self checkout machines only. And the fast food are going to be replacing everyone with robots and machines. Many consumer companies are going out of business because everyone in buying on-line. It's so much cheaper because of no overhead mainly the high cost of rent of the buildings and the ultra high cost of employees. And now they even want to replace delivery drivers with self driving cars. Just greed, greed, greed and more Goddamn **** God greed.

You think the homeless problem is bad now, OMG just wait a couple years. All due to the Goddamn sickening greed and a totally corrupt as Hell government that has bee assisting them in every way possible in exchange for kickback and campaign money. Goddamn, this is truly the land of the greed and will be soon be the land of the jobless and homeless.

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