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Corps Got What They Deserved For Outsourcing All Jobs To China

Because of all the selfish heartless greed of the corporations and the massive corruption of our government, the stock market continues to fall pushes us toward another recession. Since the late 90's, the main goal of all large companies and corporation was to outsource every job to China and So. Asia. Now that the Corona virus has left China unable to supply goods, tens of millions of US companies will crumble causing an economic collapse. You can not only thank the greedier than Hell U.S. businesses but also Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barrack Obama and all our corrupt politicians for assisting in the mass outsourcing since the late 90's.

Yes our corrupt as Hell government could have easily stopped the outsourcing with fines, tariffs making companies pay employees that lost their jobs etc which would have stopped most of the outsourcing but will have also stopped most of the campaign donations, kickbacks and bribe money from the corporations which is all our politicians care about. Fact is they don't give a damn about the American people.

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