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Greedier than Goddamn Shit CA employers have a new unwritten rule since the 2010 when it comes to job applicants. It's know as the " over 40 fuck off. and over 50 eat shit and die" They all want ages 20 to 30 and maybe 35 at the oldest. They really only want either kids or recent immigrants who will do twice the work at slave wages and take three times the shit. Evil, greedy, rotten to the Goddamn core CA employers. They know the true unemployment is twice the bullshit rate our government uses. Our lying corrupt government only counts those COLLECTING benefits not the actual amount of unemployed or under employed such as part time looking for full time. And now the true unemployed in CA is well over 20%.

I'm actually happy so many companies are going out of business due to the virus because they are so rotten and greedy.

Most don't deserve to have a business, they don't deserve SHIT!!

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