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Crypto Currency Is the Beginning of End the Dollar as Standard

The whole world is watching the US debt skyrocket along with inflation. Everyone is losing faith in the dollar as it quickly becomes worth less and less. Soon many of the people and companies who own our debt bonds will want to cash out and buy crypto but the US won't have the money to pay them. The US prints trillions, sells the bonds to cover the interests on the ones sold before just like in a Ponzi scheme, If many try to cash the US economy will completely collapse.

Why does the US still keep printing trillions. They have been on a spending spree the last several years not caring about future consquences. Meanwhile inflation is skyrocketing. Food up near 30%. They blaim it on Covid. That may be a small part of it but the main cause is out of control government spending. Better buy what you want now as soon the dollar will soon be worth 50% or less.

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