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Its too dangerous in Los Angeles

I'm a democrat, I was attacked and robbed by 3 people with a knife. I wish I had a gun, but I told myself I didn't need one. But the sheriff told me that he isn't my bodyguard, and that I need to keep something for defense because the sheriff job is only to respond to crimes after they are committed. I have to try to stay alive until they arrive.. so.. I changed my mind about guns.. why? Because criminals don't care about laws. Telling people they can't own a gun doesn't stop actual criminals from owning a gun, why? Because they are criminals and by definition they don't care about laws.. I'm not voting Democrat this year. Gas, homelessness, and crime is way to high. Our leaders need a wake up call . A scare in the polls might actually do it.

Watch this YouTube clip and tell me I'm wrong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=5TWD2fBwQhw

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