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Worker Shortage First Time In US History, Whats the Reason?

That's why there are homeless everywhere. Cost of living has skyrocketed out of control. Especially housing, it's just insane now. Most people have figured out it's better not to work. Just live on government assistance, food stamps, welfare, section 8, disability etc. Or just pitch a tent and live off the land. Plus now they want you to pay health insurance on top of enormous rent or mortgage payments. That was the straw that broke the camels back for many people. They just decided it wasn't worth working. Even if you work fulltime at say $20 an hour. It still isn't enough to pay rent or a mortgage, utilities, food, gas and then on top health insurance which is ten times the cost of of 20 years ago And now the cost to buy a house is nearly a million in CA so unless you're a doctor or software engineer forget it. The greed of the US businesses, and a lazy, worthless government which did nothing to keep inflation down.

And these greedy as Hell businesses don't want to pay a living wage anymore because of the high cost of living, especially in CA. And if you raise the minimum wage the businesses just raise the costs of everything. Just sickening greed that's out of control. We are certainly due for a major recession, it's the only way to bring costs back down.

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