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How can you build friendships that last? Know the secrets of enduring friendships. "To love in spite of all is the secret of greatness. And may very well be the greatest secret in this universe. -L. Ron Hubbard

Exact and specific factors are common to all human relations, whether family or business, casual or intimate, short-term or long. When you know these components and how to use them, you can create affinity, mutual support and admiration that result in truly positive relationships.There is a further exact element common to all disputes or upsets. When you know this factor and the precise formula to apply it, you can resolve any conflict and restore harmony and understanding.

On the How to Improve Relationships with Others Course you will learn: • The components of understanding--three factors that form an interrelated triangle you can use with anyone. • The steps to resolve rightness and wrongness in a relationship, especially when the asserted rightness threatens to drive one and all onto the rocks. • The two rules for happy living.

These breakthroughs in human relations--along with the other important factors you will learn on this course--bring mutual agreement and happy, cooperative living.

"Through this course I truly feel better equipped not only to handle current relationships but also to fix old ones and create new ones. I feel really knowledgeable on the subject of mankind and it seems like I can actually handle my life!" -G.W.

"I learned how to better relationships with people in all areas--business partners, groups I work with and individually as well. I learned how to repair broken relationships if I choose to and how to help people be right when they are apparently wrong, without condemning them." -A.H.

"Oh man, this course was something I needed! The information is so complete I now have no holes in my knowledge of people or relationships. I can confidently handle any problem and--better, I can set up my life so that problems don't come up in the first place." -V.C.

Length of course is 4 days part time.Contact a Public Registrar for details. Phone: (626)792-7533 Address: 35 South Raymond Ave.Pasadena, CA 91105

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