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Sullen Nights Speaks to the Truth of the Nation and Humanity

Inglewood, South Los Angeles

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This book Sullen Nights is simply about what occurs during those moments where things run blurry in our life. May it be for a literal night or for several; sometimes our sullen night is a season in our life. A season of moments where we are consumed by pain and confusion, all while trying to clear our eyes through that murky mist so that we can see straight our path again to resume on the journey that we once dreamt of before everything got so cloudy. These poems take you on a journey of discovery and growth.

Come into this space with an open heart and hopefully you'll gain some sort of insight into who you are: be inspired even if in the faintest way, gain an ounce of liberation from your pain, or simply be entertained by the world you are about to enter... It is one free from judgment and one free from shame. Where every word has the intention of making you feel loved. And because it is composed of poems from my own experiences and my observations of people and the world it’ll hopefully help you learn who you are on your own standing, who your family, friends, and strangers may even be. Along with the importance of loving yourself and others because life takes a toll on every single person who steps foot on this earth.

Allow yourself to be transformed by Sullen Nights and comforted by the words. This is the beginning of a beautiful journey...

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