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Easy Sounds - Xtasyn - for YAMAHA MONTAGE X7L

Price:  $10

Condition:  New

Software Manufacturer:  Xtasyn

Software Version Number:  Yamaha MONTAGE X7L

Software Compatibility:  OS v2.0 or higher

This soundlibrary is produced completely by the synthesizer-specialist and Yamaha sound designer Peter Krischker.

Xtasyn combines trendy synthsounds and electronic drumsounds in one library. It mainly covers the genres Dance / Trance / House / Electronica / Pop / Chill Out. The sounds are useful for mainstream-oriented chart-produktions as well as for progressive Dance/Trance/Techno/Electronic tracks or Ambient/Chill Out music.

The library offers modern live- and studio-standards with great playability.

32 complex Multi Part Performances are providing many musical inspirations. A special highlight are some brandnew atmospheric FM-X Performances. Please check the demo "Performances Vol. 3", which combines the FM-X Performances using Seamless Sound Switching (SSS).

Xtasyn includes many arpeggio- and step-sequenzer sounds, rhythmic gate pads and drum grooves - needed for modern music productions.

The User-LFO is used for realizing the pulsating, „pumping“ and rhythmic synth pads and noise sounds, which can be heard in many Pop/Dance/Trance productions.

The modulation wheel, knobs, ribbon controller and assignable functions are programmed for easy and intutive sound changings.

Xtasyn also contains a big high-quality collection of modern electronic drum sounds.

Xtasyn offers perfectly usable sounds that leads to lots of inspiration for your modern music productions or live performance is invaluable.

The MONTAGE-version of this soundlibrary is based on the same product for the Yamaha MOTIF-series. Over and above that, this version was significantly newly developed using new features of MONTAGE like Super Knob and other features of the Motion Control Synthesis Engine. The newly designed Multi Part Performances contain up to eight scenes and up to eight parts. In many Performances also FM-X Parts and Motion Sequences are used.

The Content of „Xtasyn“:

  • 32 Multi Part Performances
  • 192 Single Part Performances
  • 10 Drum Kits
  • 128 User-Waveforms / 120 MB Samples
  • 182 User Arpeggios
  • 1 Demosong (Audition Demo / Standard MIDI File)
  • 225 WAV-Loops

Important note: This sound library requires MONTAGE operating system OS v2.0 or higher.

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