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Is the category I choose important?

A lot of people search by category. Choosing the right one can get you
more views and better responses to your ads.
There is a category for everything, but if you can not find it, try looking
for similar items on the site to get an idea of where other people have
posted their ads.

Once you have post your ad you can not change its category.
So do your best to get it right first time.

We are a local classifieds site and people look for local buys. They want
to view the item and pay in person. Posting in your location, as a seller,
means that people can come look at the item and most times this gets
you a quicker sale.

Important tip:
After your post is active you can find your post ID at the top left corner
on your ad page. Make a note of it, so if you ever need to contact us,
we will be able to find your ad straight away.


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